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The Hell Chronicles!

Meet Lady Hel!

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What are early reviews saying?

"I knew from the first page that I was going to love this one. " Amazon Review

"The chemistry between Harley and Hel was written superbly." Amazon Review


"An irreverent look at Norse mythology; a different view of the Lady Hel, goddess of death." Amazon Review​


Lady Hel has never had luck or use for love. She's the ruler of Hel! She doesn't need anyone... until a curse forces her to look for her one true love. 

For crossing Odin, she's stripped of her position and sent to an ostentatious estate until she is able to find love.

Harley Andersen is a seven-year college senior with no idea what to do with his life. So far all he's come up with is killing time. When his best friend dares him to hop the gate of what's supposed be a haunted house, he encounters a woman who steals a lot more than his breath. And what she's offering could give him the future he's missing.

It'll just require a trip to the past.

This is a standalone book in the HELL CHRONICLES. Fans will recognize characters from the DRAGON SERIES, but you don't need to read them first to enjoy this new adult fantasy that turns the Beauty and Beast tale on its head.
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Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned.

When the gods get upset, Lady Hel has a way of breaking loose! 

Sif is a struggling college student caught in-between the gods for an epic battle. All is well until both Lady Hel, the goddess of death, and Thor show up to pay her a visit. 

Lady Hel has not been restored to her kingdom, as promised. Instead she is still exiled on Earth. With time on her hands, she's stuck on the idea of family, and her discarded kin, when inspiration hits. She doesn't need to wait for Ragnarok to come for the gods to receive their comeuppance. No, there is no time like the present to hit them where it hurts - their champion Thor.

Thor's in trouble with Odin, the All-Father, for disobeying his orders -close to treason. And, he's also found his way to Midgard just in time. 

All roads lead to Sif, and she'll have to choose sides, heart or honor, carefully, or mankind will pay the ultimate price. Broken promises spark enmity. 

And when stuck between two gods, how's a woman to choose?



There will be Hell to pay for the betrayal!

She might have refused the call to be a hero, but fate has other intentions.

Betrayed, Sif awakens from her artificial sleep to a new world where the Dark Elves have invaded and began to cull humanity. But it's Loki, the Norse god of mischief, who has her head swimming. He's given her one task--to fix this mess. 

Lady Hel has returned to Helheim, her kingdom restored, but it's not enough. She's dragged Thor with her to teach him a valuable lesson, and with the Bifrost Bridge broken, the gods of Asgard are unable to help. 

The only hope this dystopian Midgard has is a motley crew, and should they fail, they risk the Dark Elves culling them, and all of humanity.


Everything is a chess match, and Lady Hel is in it to win it!

It’s been five years since the invasion. When the gods rewound time on Midgard to fix the latest shenanigans of Lady Hel and Loki, they made a mistake. In their haste, they left pockets of magic behind, and the Dark Elves have not retreated but hunkered down.

They’ve continued to cull humanity.

Sif isn’t going to let that happen. 

Sif is sneaking out of Asgard with the help of Heimdall to clean up the mess that the gods won’t touch. By day she trains with the Valkyrie and by night, she’s slaying those Dark Elves who remain. 

Everything has consequences. When Njord goes missing, she is tasked to go in search of him—with Thor. But this jaunt in Midgard has its repercussions.

And Lady Hel will use this to her advantage.

Lady Hel is back in Helheim, and this time, she is after her beloved, as it is only through the crown that she can resurrect him, the Alder King. The only problem is, she will have to send one of her magic-using Wielders—a modern-day mage—to locate the magical stones strewn throughout the realms to bring the once Mad King back to life.

In this fight of betrayal and redemption, broken promises, bad magic, and enmity are all the ingredients needed to spark another battle and unveil hidden secrets.

How can you trust those who betray you?

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