Our Packages


We offer many different promotional packages to assist you in your marketing and promotion needs. 

Multi-author Promos


For our multi-author promos, a sign up is listed, and the only thing required to participate is that you agree to share the promotion with your newsletter and on social media while active. We harness the power of group promotion. Our motto is that when one succeeds, we all do.


Cost: FREE

Book of the Day


In order to get some extra eyes on new and older releases, we offer the "Book of the Day," whereby the author provides a blog post, with all of their buy links and social media links. We share this information on our platforms.

Cost: FREE

Themed Promotions


Oftentimes we will also have themed promotions, whereby the goal of the promotion might be to grow social media, Kindle Unlimited reads, gain bookbub followers, etc. 

Cost: Varies

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